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Roku rip-off - avoid Roku products

Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:34 pm

I paid $400 for a Roku R-1000 radio - an excellent gadget for as long as it lasted, which was three months. It was replaced with another, which also failed prematurely. (Note -- I have had two other radios that are now in their 27th year of faultless operation). Roku gave me instructions on re-setting its software; and after that proved ineffective Roku admitted that the failed R-1000s could not be reset. I was instructed to return it to Roku warehouse where Roku would repair it at their expense. On August 16, 2011, I paid UPS $24.80 to send the unit to Roku. "Hutchinson" at Roku signed for its receipt on August 24. After seven weeks of no communication from anyone at Roku, I called and left a message for an update on the repair. Nobody responded. Two months after Roku received the unit, I tried to call again; only to have my call routed to the Philippines one one occasion, to India on two others. (Roku now outsources customer inquiries to the Philippines and India, where I have never received assistance with anything, and where so-called "tech reps" have broken my computer on three separate occasions.) The Philippine woman wasted more than half of my day, unable AND unwilling to provide anything of value because she couldn't answer any of my questions. Same with guys in Chennai, India. All refused to identify themselves, all refused to identify their employers with whom Roku contracts for "customer service"; all said they were unable to connect me with Roku in California. All advised I contact email address
< > which is apparently false: my emails to that address were returned by the postmaster because it does not exist. (The supposed "customer advocate" is said to be Vincent Thai in California, who as far as I can find does not exist either.) After hours of searching I found another telephone connecting to an automated answering service requesting I leave a message and promising a return call "within 24 to 48 hours". That was more than 48 hours ago, abd I have heard nothing. No return call, no way to contact anyone who can tell me the fate of my short-lived Roku products. Now I plan to file legal action. Do yourself a favor: avoid purchasing any product from Roku if you do not wish to suffer the same run-around I have experienced. Roku clearly is a fly-by-night proprietorship, and its proprietor an antisocial predator, perhaps a small-time version of Bernie Madoff. Anyone desiring further info may email me at
< >.

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