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Updated firmware, now dead

Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:50 am

I just updated the firmware on my various Roku audio devices. The Soundbridge went fine and works. The Roku Radio now seems to think it too is a Soundbridge with a few peculiarities in addition to not working. From Safe mode sees my Wifi network and will update its firmware from the built-in 2.5.150 to 3.0.44 so I know it is capable of connecting to Wifi. Plus it worked before I tried the firmware update. But once it updates to 3.0.44 it no longer sees Wifi and repeatedly plays from built-in memory. Also the ON/OFF no longer works from either the remote or by pressing the volume knob. Plus the display reads "ROKU Soundbridge" when it boots up and "ROKU Soundbridge Radio" a few seconds alter. I don't remember what it said at boot-up before but I suspect that somehow it has downloaded the wrong firmware (Soundbridge specific firmware, not Roku Radio firmware).

Anyone seen this before? I tried updating from SD card but there is no longer a menu option to update from SD card so that seems to be out. Ideas?
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Re: Updated firmware, now dead

Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:04 am

The same firmware supports all the Soundbridge models. V3.0.44 has been around for several years and is the last version.
Try another safe reboot if you are still having problems.
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