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New station and time out

Tue Aug 14, 2007 2:44 pm

I find it difficult to follow up on all the new internet stations, and would like a "playlist" : "New stations This month/week" in the internet stations menu.

Alternatively an option to sort stations by "Added Date, Newest first/last"

With more than 4000 internet stations, some will never be used, and it will make it a bit easier to find the rest if they are automaticly deleted.

The system could work like this.

Passive stations will be shown on a "Passive stations"-play list if no one has listened to it for 365 days and if nobody reactivates the station within a month, it will also be taken off the Pasive stations list. It can always be added again, if somebody cares.

When you go to "Internet Radio" -> "Browse" -> "Browse Genres" -> "Funk" You get a short list of stations and, at the bottom, an option <Refine this list>.

So far so good, but if you choose "Specify Country" you get a list of all the countries available to match with 5 stations.

The problem is that you have to guess witch countries the stations come from or... start over.

This applies to all the "Refined" lists, I guess.

It is not practical as I see it.

It was much better if The Soundbrigde could filter the "Refined" options to only include useful options, by comparing the available stations to the "Refined" list.

In the above example we would get 5 country names matching the 5 stations in the list.

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