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Suggestion for improvement

Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:36 am

First my congratulations to Roku! Radio Roku is something I have dreamed off since my first soundbridge..;-)

A few suggestions for improvements:
- login fields (username and pw) on first page for immediate login
- support for searching country names in all available languages.
p.ex. I am from Switzerland and looking for stations from my country in whatever language I put the country name in search-field, be it 'switzerland', 'schweiz', 'suisse', 'svizzera' or in any other civilized language.
- The applets should be more customizable
- the max. number of shown stations per applet before 'view all' should be changeable
- could you please take out the ads on the bottom of all applets like 'internet radio in your kitchen', cause this would save lots of space and allow for more actual content in the applets. if you want to keep your ads somewhere, how about taking them off at least for the accounts who have a soundbridge registered in their accounts?
- the 'view all'-page should be at least open an additional page and not just replace the applet-page, cause its quite a hassle to always go back and forth between the two pages.
- if possible try to improve the overall speed of showing the applet-page, cause it always takes a few seconds when switching between the 'show all' and the applet-page.

But enough of critisism now...let indulge in some good music..;-)

Sat Sep 08, 2007 8:37 am

the max. number of shown stations per applet before 'view all' should be changeable

You can change this in "My Account" - preview rows.

Sat Sep 08, 2007 7:03 pm

Two small things:

Please move the curser to the "e-mail/username" field in the sign in area, when the login page opens. Most other login pages do this, so I have a habbit of getting ready to write, when I open the page, and then I have to return to the mouse for one more click.

It is possible to open "View All" in a new Tab, for the tabed browsers? Ie7 is also using Tabs now. A "view in new tab" would be nice, but it would depend on witch browser you are using, and therfore hard to programe.

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