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Music Store integration & bookmark now playing song info

Tue Oct 02, 2007 12:31 am

You guys may be on to this already. I'm noticing that RadioRoku brings a really great compliment to using my SoundBridge. It extends the interface and makes it so nice to manage my favs and discover stations.

Often while listening to a station I find my self saying 'oooh that's a nice song, bookmark that for I can remember to go buy it'.

Most of the stations I listen to place the artist/song info in the stream and the VFD on the Roku is sweet. An easily accessible menu option to quickly send the now playing info to as a 'bookmarked' song would be heaven.

Even further might be to partner with one or several of the emergent DRM free music stores to link to purchase options, price compares, etc.

Finally, you might be able to help save the butts of the threatened internet radio royalty victims. Pass along the referring radio staion identity to the merchant and maybe the labels will figure out that internet radio is actually good for them?

Outstanding product! Good to see the forms being well represented by roku folks. Great to see the developer support and dev community doing interesting things with your stuff, great stream of features and incremental releases.

Keep it up!

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