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Re: How to disable auto update on Roku 3

Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:31 pm

Emissary35 wrote:
Forcing updates without a choice is total B.S. and that guy that said complaints about old firmware are a problem is wrong. New updates that have bugs that haven't been worked out are the problem, when a new firmware update rolls out it should work plain and simple and not cause anyone to have issues that didn't occur before. Until that is guaranteed you should have an option to keep the older firmware for a certain period of time.

That guy has 20+ years of electronic embedded electronic device development debug test and support. You obviously never developed or supported an embedded electronic devices with firmware and/or software. And please note you can read my many other posts here as they show I'm not a Roku Person of Good Streaming Taste. I highly criticize Roku's broken casting implementation.
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Re: How to disable auto update on Roku 3

Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:31 am

I'm forced to use a hotspot now since regular internet is not available to me were I live, I have a T-Mobile hotspot with unlimited video through the BingeOn feature the issue with forced updates is that anything not video EG: Updates, Firmware, General browsing count's again my Limited Data! Everytime something uses my data (not Roku's, not Google's, or Apple's XBox etc) I have to pay for it!! Roku has to allow us to disabled non critical updates so we can control them and see how big they are, my Samsung Smart TV just naged me for 3 days about a update because I put it online for a bit just to cast something from my phone it somehow did the update without my permission and cost me 1/5 of my 6Gigs of monthly data this could have been a mistake on my part (I pressed the wrong button?) But Samsung won't permanently ignore a update once it phones home and is told one is available!!! This is BS along with Roku forcing these updates some are for channels I use very little! It should notify us of the update when we use the channel and give us a choice unless it's so major it has to be done then we can look for options! With everyone treating bandwidth like a mined resource today like they created the raw data by digging it out of a mine somewhere data is expensive for is who don't have regular access to the net! 3G used to be unlimited now 4G is meeterd as if it's something better like 2G was Copper 3G was Silver and 4G is Gold what's 5G going to be Platinum?? $100 a gig? Data is data 1s and 0s anyway you put it but gready corporations are rapping the consumer over it, companys like Roku need to help fight this they have more resources than we do if they don't this greed will kill the Roku when the data mining companys control everything and streaming outside of there apps, devices, Network will be reserved for the elite

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