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Re: Spotify Roku Channel (playlists) Officially Dead

Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:54 pm

This smacks of something like the feud between Apple/Steve Jobs and Adobe. Jobs got into it with Adobe or something like that, then basically banned Flash from iOS devices. The official reason was because Flash uses too much battery. But really it was personal. At least that’s the rumor. Soooooo, Roku or Spotify? One of them has got to go. Being that I have two Roku TVs and two Roku streamers vs a freebie music app, ummmmm I’m going to stick with Roku. I just signed up for Spotify too. Summer special: 3 months for 99¢. Yeah, as soon as that deal is over I’m canceling Spotify premium. Because, guess what? Amazon Music has a Roku app! Yay!! See, you get a basic Amazon Music account included with your Amazon Prime membership (gotta have Amazon Prime video for my two 55” 4K Roku TVs). So, I was already debating whether I should pay a little more and get Amazon Music Unlimited OR pay for Spotify Premium. I got Spotify Premium because of the 3 mo./99¢ deal. But lo and behold, when I went to download the Spotify app to my Roku TV—it wasn’t there! So, hmmmmm big decision here…my four Roku devices or Spotify Premium?? Looks like it Roku and Amazon Music Unlimited baby! Spotify can keep making apps for unheard of devices no one uses and bite it. They’ll probably get bought out by Amazon anyway. Or crushed by Bezos like everything else he’s crushing.

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