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Need help to sync Roku3 with Roku remote

Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:11 am

I have been using this Roku3 for 3-4 years and very pleased with it. The remote control got out of sync with the Roku3 station sometimes but I could resync them very easy UNTIL today. I try all solutions on the web and cannot make them to sync -- Finally I do a hard reset on the Roku3 station by pressing reset hole for >3secs   and hard reset on the remote control by holding button A-B and Reset for >3secs -- Cannot sync either. Here are the current states of my devices:
1. The TV screen shows Roku3 asks to select the language and of course  I cannot select anything without the remote
2. Anytime I remove the battery on the remote (the RESET button does not do anything) and plug it back it pops up a window on the TV shows that an  'Roku Enhanced Remote Pairing' is in progress but it cannot pair so it retry and retry many times unsuccessfully. 
3. The green light on the remote keep blinking. 
4. I use 'Advanced port scanner'  program on my PC and found that the Roku3 is assigned  to my local network as:
5. I have Roku app installed on my Samsung Note 3 and it cannot find the Roku3 either.
6. Give up and desperately need your help.
Any suggestion to fix this sync problem is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Need help to sync Roku3 with Roku remote

Thu May 18, 2017 3:22 pm

Turn off your wifi router when doing remote pairing.

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