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Roku TCL 2018 tv crashing

Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:22 am

this is the 3rd time in as many months that the brand newTCL-Roku 49S517 (though it is supposed to be the 2018 model) just stopped, frozen and became unresponsive for a minute to 3mins. first the remote icon went red then the screen froze or whatever it is called. nothing on the remote worked nor did the tv respond. then, as spontaneously as it froze/quit it started back up. everything worked as normal. not much blinking light activity. no log to read to find out what the heck happened. since this is the 3rd time , i have a question. the first 2 were just anomalies to me. disregarded; never bothered to look up or search . since it has happened in the middle of watching something , in the middle of the day, i wondered why any software update would happen at these times . i have it on standby. have cec enabled but neither time was any other device turned on at the same time nor the associated other remote in use.i have it wired through hdmi and lan out of my router. no computer monitor connected on the hdmi port/cables at this time either. though when the tv did decide to reboot itself the computer screen turned off/on in the reboot process. i did not think this was any problem since i had a computer--> hdmi direct , though disabled,  in place
not sure what is happening. could it be from passing or interfering devices or something? and only the tv was doing anything unusual. other devices on the router were stable through the time. nothing showed on my router log either. that's all i know. would like any hint or clue as to possible reasons. or is it a tcl thing? the roku screen is what popped up when rebooting. 
ForWhatItsWorth: prior to posting this i saw a post about a roku tcl crashing but it is locked and started in october 2016,2yr ago and did not see any answer to the question. it bounced over the place for netflix or other apps.
My issue is just that the tv/roku will spontaneously freeze , wait those few mins and reboot. nothing else inside my house being used. no phone no wifi nothing. my cec onkyo amp was off 2times and on once. the remotes on either/both of the devices were not in use , or sat on  ,not that this doesn't happen. just not at the freezes. the other consistent thing is the remote icon going red prior to the freeze. i wonder whether anyone might know whether this silly bug is possibly connected to the cec or connected device option. i have disabled it for a few days at a time but cant get any real information. the bug only happened on the avg of once a month over the few months i've owned it. so, turning off the cec other device option proves nothing at all. and, i don't feel like waiting 2months for a possible maybe guess at problem source.
TCL ROKU 49" 4K TV. TCL 49S517 but bought june 2018 as advertised 2018model. first TCL brand tv

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