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SOLUTION to ROKU app not being found (I have Iphone)

Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:05 pm

I found a solution for ROKU app working on Iphone, spoke to Bella in Customer service and shared this information with her, not sure what ROKU will do with it but I hope that it gets me a couple of free ROKU's for my daughters since this may solve this terrible issue so many have had, not being able to use the app. BTW, once installed the app works great! I LOVE OUR ROKU'S !!  
I Plan to make a short video showing how to get the Apple products to FIND your ROKU and pair up with it using the official ROKU app.. This may work with other phones, I do not know. Until I do the video here is what I did. 
On your Iphone, Remove and reinstall the ROKU app by ROKU, there are others not connected with ROKU, I do not use them. 
NOTE for new users: There are several 'SETTINGS" as you scroll around and click in the system, so don't be confused. 

Using your ROKU remote, go to front page or Home page where the channels are shown. 
Scroll down and click Settings;  A new window will appear, scroll down to the next System and click it. 
The next new window/columb will appear, scroll down and click 'Advanced Systems Settings" .
STOP. Make sure you have your password for your net ready
Now scroll down and click NETWORK CONNECTION RESET, click that. 
You have commanded the ROKU to reset and will have to re enter which Network you are using, it has to match the one on your phone. 
Now, when you go home and try to open a channel it will ask you to once again enter in your the set up information. BEFORE DOING THAT start the ROKU app on your phone, THEN on the TV enter in which network and its password, as soon as the ROKU is connected to the app the Phones app will recogonize it and pair up to the Roku. 
I've done this test now over a dozen times and it works each time. Then I tried it the way ROKU says, using the typical search and manual setup and nothing is found. 

NOW go to your IPhone and start the search for devices on the ROKU app. Once it starts looking for your ROKU go back to your ROKU control/remote and on the TV scroll down and click NETWORK CONNECTION RESET, click that. 
Your phones ROKU app should be searching and while your ROKU device is reseting it should be found by your phones ROKU app. 

I sure hope this helps others, and maybe ROKU will send me three Ultra's for my daughters? LOL !! Happy new year everyone. 
(don't have time to proof read) 

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