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Netflix issue on Roku Tv (TCL 2017 Model)

Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:13 pm

Hello everyone,,
So I have had a buffering issue with the Netflix application. First I attributed it to a connection issue, but have since did a hard line connection and the issue remains. I uninstalled and reinstalled Netflix as well, in addition to making sure the all the system updates are current. There are no other issues on any channel with buffering.

The shows tend to play for a few episodes, then will start to buffer/lose connection. It will pause midway into streaming and start increasing by 1%, until it hits 99% and then gives me the connection error. Yet, last night I backed out in the middle of this error, selected another show and it played immediately with no issue. I went back into the original selection and it started back into the buffering issue. I've also gone to settings and tested the connection while the error is occurring and it always completes the test successfully with a 25mb to 35mb a second download speed. Lastly, I attempted to watch the new Black Mirror guided episode and the constant question options really created an issue and made the experience impossible to navigate with repeated buffering issues.

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