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NBCSports Gold and NBC Sports Not Working on my ROKU

Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:47 pm

I purchased NBC Sports Gold premier league pass and the NBCSports Gold app on my Roku device which already has the NBCSN Sports channel, but last few months has been unbearable.
The issue I have had last few months is that when I activate NBCSports Gold, and NBCSN Sports channel on my Roku 4 device, it will start to show then quickly switches to with black screen that says LOADING, after awhile, it comes back on then disappears. On the other hand, It works just fine on my phone, computer, and tablet except on my ROKU.  

Does anyone have both NBCSports and NBCSports Gold on their Roku, please let me know if you have experience this, if yes, any solution? Thanks
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Re: NBCSports Gold and NBC Sports Not Working on my ROKU

Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:42 pm

I paid NBC Sports Gold for the cycling pass, it worked "fine" on my Roku TV (2016 Sharp model), UNTIL this January...when, see #4 below:
1. The subscription is from July > June
2. They reserve the right to NOT keep any races stored for future replays, whenever they want to
3. They deleted the Amgen Tour replays to repost the prior year's TDF - leaving me without access to the Amgen Tour for the current year
4. They just moved all the NBC Sports GOLD subscriptions to the plain "NBC Sports" channel - but the replays are NOT supported on ROKU!  I can only see the current month of races, NONE of the prior races and NBC "Support" blames it on ROKU. 
5. NBC does not give any allowance for their failure to fulfill their end of the deal = no month extension for failure to play and no refunds, ever, period.

There are website that stream cycling for free - just not replays, so you have to have a way to store that or watch live - search stream cycling = - - - - < this last one appears to have replays.

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