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A&E resolution

Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:56 pm

I just fired up a Roku and trying the A&E app for missed shows.  Anything I stream through the app is very soft, not sharp HD clarity.  If I use the A&E app on my phone to cast to my Chromecast, it starts off fuzzy, but will clear up in a few seconds as the picture buffers.  This doesn't happen on the Roku.  FWIW, the two sticks are on different parts of my network, but each have a router within 10ft of them, and are on their own SSID, so network speed is not an issue.  I stream channels like Foxnews live in clear HD on the Roku just fine, and get about 35-40mbps on the network test.

Is this just how A&E on Roku is?  PC and phone are crystal clear as well, the only issue is Roku.

Thank you.

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