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Re: Roku Premier + buffering for Netflix

Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:44 am

ukfigs wrote:
Similar issue with me, TCL ROKU TV and cannot play Netflix UHD but other channels (prime etc.) play 4k fine. Netflix just gets stuck at 99% or continually buffers. Strong 5G signal, TV shows 90mbps download but Netflix app only shows 21 mbps. Iphone 6s on same 5G network in same location speedtest shows 100 mbps. Netgear AX80 router. Not sure what to try next or who to call (Roku, TCL, Netflix).

Any network test app I've ever seen on a Roku never accurately reports Internet speed, including the one built into the Netflix app. Although your difference is rather extreme. However, Netflix 4K never goes above 16 Mbps, and I had seen it reach 4K at just under 10 Mbps, so your connection speed should be fine. I've dropped my Netflix account, so haven't tried it recently. The first recommendation is always to remove the app/channel, reboot the Roku (the TV in your case, not just power off but use the reset function in the menu), then install the channel again. Sometimes that's all it takes. 
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