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Re: Problems with Roku Streaming Stick overheating

Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:03 am

I am also having issues with the Roku streaming stick overheating. Suspended in free air away from all heat sources, on an extender cable. I received the overheating message on screen. If I go to the secret screen ( hit HOME (5 times), then fwd, play, rew, play, fwd.... ) the secret screen appears.. show internal running temperature and other system metrics. My temperature graph showed 103celcius or 217F ... extremely “HOT”. Room temp is 70..

What is wrong with these devices ???
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Re: Problems with Roku Streaming Stick overheating

Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:39 am

Mine tends to run a bit warm so what I do is every 3 0r 4 days I unplug it for a few minutes. Initially I had received a message but never again since. This stick is the most lightening fast Roku devise I've ever owned.
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Re: Problems with Roku Streaming Stick overheating

Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:31 am

My first Roku was a Roku 4, which overheated to the point that it would stop working entirely.  I did the proper thing and trashed that device and bought a Roku SS+.  Now, I often get a blurry picture.  I THINK THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM IS TO THROW THAT ROKU SHITE IN THE TRASH AND BUY AN APPLE TV.  No more Roku Crap for me!
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Re: Problems with Roku Streaming Stick overheating

Sat Aug 17, 2019 5:56 am

JA Motter wrote:
On two of my 6 Roku Streaming Sticks I an starting to get “on-screen” notices that the Roku Streaming Stick is overheating. None of these sticks are more than 2 months old, so,I am concerned that all 6 will soon exhibit this flaw.

Roku’s tech support page (listed in the on-screen message) suggests that the RSS may be too close to some other piece of equipment that is producing heat, or that the RSS might be in too confined a space. But neither of these is true. My RSS is now connected through a 10” HDMI extension cable, so it is well away from the AV Receiver and the TV. It sits in an open space with adequate venting.

Is this a problem that many of you are also experiencing?

What is the solution? Please advise. Thank you.

My ROKU Stick would run only a couple of hours before getting “on-screen” notices that the Roku Streaming Stick is overheating. The stick gets MUCH too hot to touch. Using the Key Sequence Home 5 Times, Fast Forward, Play/Pause, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast Forward the temperature shows 130C - that is 266F - which is hot enough to make hard candy or BBQ pork ribs. The Roku stick is a fire hazard and an obviously flawed design. I moved the Roku stick away from other electronics with a two foot long HDMI cable but that didn't help. I then Tie-wrapped  aluminum heat sinks on both sides including silver heatsink heat transfer paste and that reduced the Roku Stick temperature from 130C to 103C which is above boiling water temperature. The “on-screen” notices are gone but the stick remains VERY hot. I believe it will have a short life at these temperatures AND I worry about it being a fire hazard.  The Roku stick is a flawed design. Putting all of that heat generating electronics into an unnecessarily small enclosure that lacks any path for heat dissipation is, in my opinion, a very bad design. Roku Tech Support has ignored my requests to replace the stick so my final cure was to retire the Roku Stick and I bought an older Roku Ultra on eBay. It works great, never overheats - runs at ~65C temperatures.

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