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Re: Roku 9.1.0 Build 4111-04 Update on 6 June Causing Multiple Windows Blue Screen Of Death Issues With Plex Media Serve

Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:44 am

Heyitsrick wrote:
I would be looking in the Windows Event Viewer for more information about what's going on here. Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Event Viewer.  Once in Event Viewer, look at both the System logs and the Application logs. You're looking for red circular icons with "Error" next to them. These are in timeline order, so find a time where a crash occurred by scrolling down the list of events (there are many events!). Not every error is a crash, either, but you should find the ones that matter.

A potentially faster way is downloading the FREE "Bluescreen Viewer" from Nirsoft.

You want to be viewing the most recent "minidump" files (see the examples on the nirsoft link above).  Save screenshots of the recent .dmp files and post them in your dropbox.

Thanks for your reply.

I have actually done this before posting here.

I followed the various bug codes and did the multitude of disk checks, RAM tests, driver updates, BIOS updates, etc. There were basically no issues with any of them.

Playing back using the Plex web app with transcoding is also fine.

That is why I suspect it may be the transcoding, perhaps post Roku update that causes undue stress on the system causing it to shutdown but misreporting it as the various BSOD bug codes.

There are some instances which are AVG related but I had repaired and uninstalled and reinstalled AVG so I guess that isn't likely to be the problem.

i have also opened up the computer chassis and cleaned all dust and detritus and applied fresh thermal paste to the processor heatsink mounting. Temperatures also seem fine.

The Blue Screen Viewer summary is in my Dropbox as report.html ... .html?dl=0

The mini dump files are also there. ... XrsYa?dl=0

Any thoughts appreciated

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Re: Roku 9.1.0 Build 4111-04 Update on 6 June Causing Multiple Windows Blue Screen Of Death Issues With Plex Media Serve

Sat Jun 22, 2019 7:34 am

I would try doing a "System Restore" on your PC to a time before June  6, for starters.  I agree with others that Roku doesn't seem to be a possible culprit, regardless of the timeline.  

Also, the ntfs.sys driver is common to most of the crashes post 6/6.  When Plex transcodes, (I don't use it), I'm assuming it needs to create a "swap file" while doing so - a file at least the size of the original, if not larger.  If there's not enough free space in the location specified you can run into issues.

I just did a quick search and do see that Plex has a "cache" location that can be cleared out. I'd be doing that, too:

I'd also remove any USB connections as a test, reboot the PC without USB connected, and try your usual Plex processes.

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