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roku exits youtube, amazon every 30 mins

Sun Aug 04, 2019 5:16 pm

I have a roku express+ and a roku 2. Recently both have started dropping youtube videos or amazon videos at 30 minute intervals. They just exit to the home screen. I think after exactly 30 minutes.
I can resume the video, and watch for another 30 mins and it repeats.
The roku 2 is at another home, so it isnt the network. Both are fed by comcast, but different accounts so I dont think the problem is comcast intentionally doing something (but I havent ruled it out).
I dont think the problem happens on my windows laptop.
It happens with youtube and amazon so I dont think it is an app issue. Did a recent update to both rokus cause the problem?

The problem began in the last month or so I think.

Any solutions or ideas for diagnosing the problem in more detail?

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