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Roku Express + connected to analog TV problems

Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:38 pm

I have been trying to watch baseball games on both Hulu with Live TV and PlayStation Vue.

30 minutes after turning on the channel, it exits out of the app and brings me back to the Home screen.

It happens in both of the apps.

I did not have this problem when connected via HDMI, but I moved the Roku Express + downstairs to attach to an analog TV via RCA cables.

This is not normal behavior, and I am asking if anyone else has had these issues.  And how did you fix it if you did encounter this.


I just wanted to add that this is also happening with YouTube TV.  Keep in mind I have used YouTube TV for over a year on this device and never had an issue before now.  I cancelled their service when their rates went to $50/month from $35/month.  Just recently signed back up with them after 3 months away.  The only other thing to mention is that I was using HDMI interface before.  So what is the issue Roku?  It has got to be on your end, as all 3 apps are showing the same symptoms.

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