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XM Ap for Roku DVP

Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:13 am

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I recently uploaded the sep 5. 2019 update to the XMRadio app . I still cant get it to work.

I got TVersity Media Server running. The addresses are right, the port number is right,I can see the Roku on the TVersity device list, the server and the service is running on the pc, but still the app on my Roku complains and gives me the following error on my TV screen:

"Unable to play channel. Please ensure that you are connected to the internet, TVersity Media server is running, and that you are subscribed to this channel."

Media Server IS running. I AM connected to the internet, and I the channels Ive tried, I AM subscribed to. Please advise. i already roku support 

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Re: XM Ap for Roku DVP

Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:57 am


Thanks for contacting us regarding the issue that you are experiencing.

Is this the only channel that you observe this issue with? It's possible there may be an issue within the channel itself that the service provider will need to investigate.

For more information about that channel's features and functionality, you'll want to contact the channel's support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 

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