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Roku Express blank screen on connection to server

Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:30 am

Roku express was working well with my Samsung TV since Nov 2018, then suddenly no picture after no hardware changes. 

TV - Samsung - model code UE32H5000
Roku model 3900X (new 02/09/2019)
Using both provided HDMI cable and different and powered from mains and TV. 

Initial Roku taken back to shop and exchanged for new which does exactly the same. New one taken to shop and tested on in store LG tv and worked with no problems. While in shop set to lower screen resolution and taken off automatic.  
TV, wifi both been rebooted, Roku factory reset multiple times. HDMI ports on TV working with both computer and DVD.
I am able to complete the initial set up as normal and see the screen. When the wifi password is inputted with no internet connection the screen remained on and gave a message of no internet connection. When external internet reconnected and data started to pass the screen when blank. 
Roku has the normal single white LED alight when remote used and appears to be working just no screen visible. 

Any ideas, please?

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