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ROKU Billing / Unauthorized Charges

Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:57 pm

To whom it may concern, 

Today September 9th, 2018 I initiated a call to Roku Support in an effort to find out why the Credit Card associated with my account had been charged for services I had not requested/subscribed to/accessed. 

The charge was for $1.00 from Roku Channel Store. I questioned this charge and was told the charge had nothing to do with ROKU, this was an issue with my Bank.

I initiated the call to ROKU at approximately 9:00am PST on todays date (Sept 9, 2019). Each and every time I requested why these charges were incurring I was told time and time again, Call HULU, Call Sling, "Call your Bank". 

This exchange went back and forth for over a period of 6+ hours of non-stop interaction with brief periods when I left the call to call my bank at the direction of ROKU, knowing full well this had nothing to do with my bank. 

I requested to speak with a ROKU Supervisor and was told they (a Supervisor) will tell me the same thing.

I was then told by Aiki (ROKU Cust. SRVC.) that I should call HULU and Sling as it was their issue. I again asked for a supervisor. I was told to conference call my Bank with ROKU at which point I was hung up on. 

I called again and was told no Supervisors were available and I was put on a call back list. A short time later I received a call from Tracy (Supervisor Roku?)

Tracy said the issue was not ROKU's, it was mine and I had subscriptions and free trials active. 

I activated my ROKU Account in December of 2018. I have never ordered a subscription service through ROKU, have never signed up for HULU, Sling or any other service. Period. 

At that point I called my Bank on my cell Phone and had my wife call ROKU on our home phone. 

While on the phone with both ROKU and my bank Tracy told me she knew what the problem was and assured me (as I already knew) this had nothing to do with my bank and I was able to terminate the call to my bank that was conferenced in.  

Tracy had me turn on my ROKU, navigate to System "ABOUT"', asked for the Serial # and put me on hold. Again. 

Keep in mind I have now been on the phone virtually non-stop for over 6 hours between ROKU and my Bank. 

During this 6+ hours on the phone I checked my Bank as I had received a text alert from them informing me a charge had just been initiated. 

The charge was once again from ROKU and happened during the period on was on the phone with ROKU. 

At this point I had a total of 12 line items on my bank account all from ROKU in less than 24hrs with (4)four charges coming during the time I was on the phone with ROKU. 

Tracy came back on the line and informed me I would need to call back to ROKU once the billing came through for the subscriptions I never had and ask for credits as well as calling my Bank back and disputing the charges. 

This was totally unacceptable and as I pushed her for answers she divulged to me there was and is a "Known System Issue with ROKU/HULU/SLING" and they knew this the entire time I was on the phone. 

She informed me HULU/SLING/ROKU were overcharging or charging without authorization. 

So for 6+ hours everything I was told was a fabrication/lie to cover up the fact ROKU/HULU/SLING were and are having system issues. 

The actions taken by ROKU, the time I was on the phone, the calls to the Bank at the direction of ROKU, being told all of these issues with my account had nothing to do with ROKU until I was finally told the truth that this issue has been ongoing for quite sometime. 

This is all Unacceptable and any trust I had with ROKU is gone completely. To spend hours on the phone trying to cover the fact that you (ROKU) are having known problems and putting a Customer through this type of stress is beyond comprehension. 

Tracy (ROKU) told me if I was unhappy to send an email to corporate. She would not provide me with a name of someone I could talk to, a phone number and I would receive an email documenting the call with a reference # and transcript. 

As of this writing I have received nothing. 

I have attached a screenshot showing the charges that continue to show up on my account without authorization. 

I have had to put a "Fraud Hold" on my account as I have no idea what the HULU/SLING/ROKU issue is. (System Glitch, Hack, ??)

I will expect a response from ROKU within the next business day to discuss and resolve this issue at the contact information provided at the head of this e-mail. 

Poor customer service is one thing, Lying to Customers about known issues is another. 

[font=tahoma, sans-serif]Regards.[/font]
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Re: ROKU Billing / Unauthorized Charges

Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:44 pm

Hi there, 

Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear about the experience. Please see more information about $1 authorization holds here:

If you're still in need of additional assistance, please feel free to send me a private message with your Roku account email address and your Roku support case number. I will have a member of our Support team follow up with you directly to assist you further in answering any questions or addressing any outstanding issues. 

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager

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