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Re: TWC "packet shaping"

Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:07 pm

wideasleep1 wrote:
thehomelessguy wrote:
Reading the Roku forums it appears that most of the people reporting their boxes being awful have Time Warner Cable. Google "TWC traffic shaping" to get an idea of why you might be experiencing problems. Over the past year there have been reports of everyone from WoW players to users attempting to access online video being thwarted by Time Warner's questionable efforts. Incidentally, bandwidth test will still show TWC providing a 8 mbit connection. It is only when you try to sustain a large amount of bandwidth usage that you get smacked down. I am installing a Roku box later this week as a belated gift to my sister (who has TWC RR) that I have already setup and can verify as working just fine. So I'll be able to see for if this happens for myself.

The only other thing I'd recommend trying is setting the box to a lower quality setting (search the forums to see how to access the hidden menu). I currently own two Roku boxes. One of these is in my workout room in my basement. Despite showing 30-40% wireless signal strength there is a high degree of packet loss with my wireless router. So while the Roku will initially detect a fast connection, it eventually finds itself having to buffer excessively. Setting this box to a perfectly acceptable "2 dots" solved this problem.

I should point out that my other Roku box (the one upstairs by the router) works perfectly. I use the thing a ton (I don't even have cable anymore). I have easily watched over 100 hours on that box without it buffering once (then again I do have Verizon's FIOS which has been excellent so far).

Thanks for this confirmed my suspicions and reinforced why I'd NEVER choose cable at a HSI option. :|

I'm currently at a 1.5Meg DSL and always get 3 dot with no rebuffering, stutters, etc.
I'm waiting for a 6Meg upgrade (gotta love dry loop DSL if you can get it, $40 a month and no extra taxes or fees), and then I should be fine (till they move to something that requires more bandwidth:) )
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Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:19 pm

Cox Cable here, 9MBps download, I watched all of Heroes Season 3 in one day recently when I was home sick lying on the couch all day, never had a hiccup one. So not *all* cable companies shape their least not yet ;)
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Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:03 pm

Mine has only worked properly a couple of times in the last few months now.

If I had the energy I would send my useless Roku box back to the manufacturer in little pieces and I now see why Netflix doesn't charge more for the downloads: there is nothing for me to cancel.

I hope for Roku's sake that Netflix paid them a decent sum of money for this fiasco since I sincerely doubt anyone who owns one of these players would contemplate pissing more money away on janky Roku products.

Sorry but its the truth and the only reason it doesn't create more of a scandal is that normal people don't care about this player.
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Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:16 pm

hello! i've had the netflix roku box for almost a month now and it has worked flawlessly the entire time. not a single hiccup. and i'm on time warner cable. i took it to my parents house over the holiday and while they have a slow verizon dsl and a weak wireless signal, it worked well enough to use. two dots sometimes and one a lot of the time. it was still great to have there. upon upgrading to 1.5 i haven't seen too many problems yet. some of the encodes look more pixelated and some weird audio on 30 rock series 1 but i'm assuming it's the encoding by netflix and hopefully they'll sort it out. watched friday night lights today and it was fine. i love this little box!

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