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Behavior change between firmware 1.01 and 1.5 on SD feed

Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:38 pm

We have noticed an interesting behavior change between the 1.01 and 1.5 firmware levels and figured I should pass it on.

Our configuration is:
- 1.5 DSL connection
- Analog TV using the SD stream.
- Wireless connection (also see same behavior when using a wired connection)

With the 1.01 firmware we would typically get 2 dots of connectivity without any rebuffering.

With the 1.5 firmware we typically start out with 2 dots of connectivity then about half way through the show there is a pause and a rebuffer to 4 dots. We then watch the rest of the show with the improved quality, and no nog experience any pauses for the rest of the show.

This isn't a complaint, since we are getting improved video quality for the second half of the show we are watching. (I never knew analog TV could look so good when we get "four dots".) Just wanted to share a behavior that might be some type of "edge" condition with slower internet connections.


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