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HOWTO connect to "private" channels

Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:39 pm

Here's a quick HOWTO for using the "private" channels that
some developers have been kind enough to share with us all
(either for free, or for a donation).

To enable a private channel on your Roku you need to use
your computer to create an account at
which will ask you for the serial number of your Roku box.

You can then enable a channel by entering its "channel code"

If you decide you do not like the channel after all, then you can
remove it from the "My Channels" tab in the channel store.

Here are the threads on this forum that have announced
channel codes. Go read the thread or the referenced website
to see what other setup in required, and to get the channel
code. Commentary about the channels to their own threads
please. Just reply to this thread to fix errors in what I've
typed here, or to add other channels that I've missed.

If this is useful, perhaps a Roku admin will "sticky" this thread.

1) Roksbox by WilDD
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2) My Media by el.wubo
Plays music and video
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3) Roku-o-Rama by nowhereman
Lots of channels that hook into feeds from various websites
(e.g. CBS, FOX, HBO, NASA, CNN ...)
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4) 10 Beta Channels by supersecretusername
Various channels hooked to feeds from websites
Thread: ... a1348f9ae6
(e.g. Archive Classic Movies, Drive-In Classics, Big-10 Sports Network, ...)

5) My first channel by peej
Show weather information for your zip code
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