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Re: Google TV - Fall 2010...

Fri May 28, 2010 3:13 pm

jcmolet wrote:
unclebob wrote:
Even with a couple years head-start, I'm afraid Roku hasn't a sufficient moat to protect it from something of Google's size.

A couple of thoughts. First, I don't really see them as being direct competitors. GoogleTV seems to be more focused on integrating itself with cable/satellite companies and providing users the ability to search and play content from the web or their cable/satellite provider. Conversely, at least the way I see it, Roku is more of an alternative to cable; in the way it delivers content, offers more niche programming and the way it offers content (a la carte vice subscription based). Second, while Roku certainly does not possess the clout or size of Google, they have achieved a pretty significant user base, in excess of 1,000,000 by most estimates. In the time it takes GoogleTV, Boxee, Popbox and any other service/device to actually be released and evaluated by the market, that number will only grow.

Of course we haven't seen GoogleTV (or the price) yet, so we really don't know how compelling it will really be. My guess is that the two will be able to co-exist quite nicely.

I'd like to agree, but the Goog box will not just search through the available Internet content, but will deliver it. Since nearly all the free content on the Roku is available on the 'net, that means a lot of overlap in the delivered content.

I think Roku's best move would be to look into the possibility of integrating Google TV in their next iteration of the media player -- it would motivate a lot of people to trade up, and benefit Google by bringing Roku's satisfied user base to their new platform.

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