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Why is Willow TV quality so poor?

Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:47 pm

So, I understand that there continue to be buffering issues with this (tried again today but after 20 mins started getting the rebuffering issue again). But, beyond that, I'm interested in what quality I should expect. If I watch Hulu Plus sample material I get excellent quality on my TV, which suggests my pipe (bandwidth) is good enough. However, watching Willow TV - even when it's not buffering - the quality is truly appalling. It's like watching streamed content from about 5 years ago - very pixelated and the sound quality is like I'm listening over - well, a really bad phone line!

Where's the problem? Given that the Willow TV streaming services to my PC seem to be able to display a perfectly viable picture, I don't understand why the TV implementation should be so very poor. It's pretty much unwatchable even when it's not rebuffering.



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