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When Reporting Issues

Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:11 pm

Hello fellow Roku'ers!

I'm posting this tonight to outline what QA, the Engineers, and I need in general in order to better serve you as Roku users.  Whenever you post regarding an issue, please keep these requests in mind, in order to provide us with as much information as possible so we can investigate the issue, as well as provide better support.

Reporting Issues

What you should do FIRST:
  • Contact the channel's developer.  Many channels have their own support, and since the developer is the one who made the channel, they are more likely to know of an existing issue.  Please note that in the case of 3rd party channels (eg, channels which don't show up in the channel store) this is your only avenue of support as Roku doesn't support 3rd party channels.  The most we can do in these latter cases is notify the developer ... which you can do a lot faster than we can.
  • Do a search on the forums to see if the issue has been reported previously.  If so, add more details, not just "I have the same problem."  If the thread is OLDER THAN SIX MONTHS, please start a new thread as conditions may have changed within that time span (new firmware, new channel version, etc).
  • When you make a post and someone replies with a question, answer it as detailed as possible.  There's a reason why that question was asked.
  • Please give at least 24 hours before bumping your post.  Sometimes it takes a little while for someone to see the thread, especially Roku moderators ... we have a lot of threads to look through and read.
  • Be polite.  Nothing will drop your thread/issue to the bottom of the list faster than being rude to members of the community.

  • Be as DETAILED as possible when describing your issue.  We need steps to reproduce it in order to be able to help you solve the issue.  If you've contacted support, please provide a CASE NUMBER that I can follow up with.
  • The EXACT setup you have (how are you wired to your TV (all peripherals connected), how you are connected to your internet, etc.

  • Channel name.
  • Channel version (Home 3x, Up 2x, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left)
  • What is the issue being reported?
  • What are the steps to reproduce?
  • Is it reproducible (how many times out of 5 does this happen)?
  • What is the serial number of the box? (Found on the bottom of the unit labeled ‘SERIAL NO’ and in Settings -> About, ‘Serial number’.)
  • What software version is the box running? (Roku2 = Settings > About ----- Roku1 = Settings  >Player Info)

Nice to have:
  • Code for the channel installed.
  • Is the box connected to the internet via wireless or a wired connection? (Wifi or Ethernet.)
  • What signal strength is the box reporting if connected to the internet via Wifi? (Roku2 = Settings > About, labeled "Wireless signal strength" ----- Roku1 = Settings > Network)
  • What type of internet service does the user have? (DSL, Cable, T1, Fiber, Satellite, etc
  • How is the box connected to the TV (HDMI, Composite, Component)?
  • What resolution is being used?
  • If it is a paid channel is the user a subscriber/member, and for how long?

Other Information:
  • Television Make/Model
  • Receiver Make/Model
  • Other components make/model that's in the mix
  • Roku Make/Model; Roku Serial Number
  • CURRENT Roku Firmware version
  • Approximate time of last incident

Please note that in some instances (especially non-channel-specific issues), it may be necessary to reboot your entire network (modem/router/Roku) and establish an internet connection before booting the Roku.

When you can provide as much detailed information as you can regarding an issue, I'm able to forward that information to the engineers for further testing.  In some instances, if we don't have your make/model in our testing lab, we can purchase it for further study.

In general, most of this information isn't completely necessary, but by providing it you will give the engineers one more set of tools to insure you are having the best Roku experience we can provide.

C. Shawn Smith
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