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Announcing: SubsonicTV 1.5 Beta

Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:32 pm

If you would like to test this version of SubsonicTV, click the following link and then visit the channel store on your device, then click the home button on your remote to install the BETA:

This BETA requires Subsonic server 4.7 beta 3 or later for access to new features.

What is new:
* Support for HLS video playback (subsonic 4.7 b3 or later), single or multi-bitrate playback (adaptive streaming). Should handle video files of almost any format (as long as FFMpeg can transcode them).

* Handles older Subsonic server versions by disabling extra features and Advanced Configuration menu.

* simple screensaver built in
* advanced settings screen: enable/disable screensaver, enable / disable HLS video playback, multibitrate HLS, and pick from three different bandwidth adaptations
* cancel out of auto-find server dialog
* a few crash-bugs squashed
* If there are multiple videos in a folder, it should try to play them all sequentially
* uses content length estimation API call, should reduce or eliminate glitchy playback of transcoded audio files.

Support for SubsonicTV is of course on the SubsonicTV forum: ... subsonictv

This BETA of SubsonicTV will cease to function or be converted to the "Lite" version as soon as the release version is published to the Roku Channel Store.

- Joel
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