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Roku 3 Issues

Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:43 pm


I've had Rokus for years, from some of the earliest models, to the three Roku 2 XS (model 3100X) that I currently use. I recently signed up for Sling TV, and used their promotion to get a Roku 3 (model 4200R) for half price. Today I decided to install it on our family room TV, since it gets the most use.

The first issue I had was the Roku 3 would not respond to my universal remote, which had been programmed for a Roku 2. At first I thought maybe the Roku 3 only used Bluetooth, but I found posts that said all models still support infrared as well.

I thought maybe the Roku needed to be repositioned, so I went to move it when I discovered issue two. The unit wasn't exactly hot, but it was very warm. I've never had any kind of heat issues with any of the other models. I did notice that the Roku 3 runs on 12 volts, while the older models I have all use 5 volts.

As I was testing it out some more, I noticed two other things. First, the infrared remote does work, but I have to be no more than five feet from the Roku; any farther and it doesn't get the signal (I've never had a range issue with other Rokus). Second, I have an infrared receiver for my HTPC right next to the Roku, and the LED on it was blinking like crazy, indicating it was receiving a ton of infrared signals. As soon as I unplugged the Roku 3, that stopped. It would seem that the Roku is throwing off some kind of infrared, or infrared like, signal that the HTPC receiver was picking up. I'm also wondering if that's why my infrared remote would only work from close range.

Has anyone experienced any of these issues, and were you able to resolve any of them? For now I just swapped my Roku 2 back in.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Roku 3 Issues

Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:20 am

R3 runs very warm (that's normal).
Sounds like IR interference. i found some old tips for ya,

Tip: IR Remote Control - IR interference -try this,
Place a paper-towel-tub between Roku’s IR receiver (eye) and the remote’s IR transmitter (eye) - (just for testing).
Turn off TV (LCD) backlight from TV video menu.
Turn off (disable) Screensaver.
Move Roku around.
Turn Off florescent lights.
Change Remote Batteries.
Make sure Roku is not in debugging mode.
Make sure the Remote is working – check the inferred light through a digital Camera or a Web-Cam.

* If Roku is connected via HDMI and does not response (wakeup) to the Remote Control commands while it’s in a standby-mode & the screensaver is active (& after Roku being inactive for a while),
Try the follow:
Switch the TV-input to a different input then press [Home] key on Roku’s remote control multiple times (to wake it up) then switchback the TV-input to Roku’s input - (If that helped & a universal remote w/“activities” function is available > program the above steps in the remote's “activities” settings).
Disable Screensaver.

Tip: Suggestion, for IR interference - try this,
• Take an old 3.5” diskette apart, remove and discard top and bottom shells and woven liners, then take the dark flexible plastic magnetic disk out and cut a piece from it (discard the Hub), place it on the Roku-IR-window, use clear-tap to tap around it.
• The dark flexible plastic magnetic disk acts well as a filter, especially when TV or other devices censers active.
• Make sure to remove the little clear plastic IR cover from Roku.
• This may also solve wake-up after screensaver long idle.

hope that helps .. :)

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