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ROKU 2 and ROKU 3 alwyas needing reboot!

Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:17 am

I am so disgusted with this player...well. both of them! Maybe someone here can tell me a suggestion...maybe just tell me to shut up and I will go away. PROBLEM: Had a Roku 2 for a few years (and, with a new wireless, and very good system - all tablets, laptops, phones, etc. work well always) but after a day or two, it (the ROKU 2) suddenly stops responding to the remote. The batteries are good, the little light flickers when I push any remote button (at is normally does), but the little click you hear when you select or go back or go to home or hit any button suddenly is missing. The unit freezes, as I see it, and the only solution is to go to the back of the ROKU box and unplug the 12V plug for a few seconds, then re-plug it in and then watch the aggravating 'tappy little foot' of the ROKU logo work while the system re-boots. Seems to work normal for a day or two, then the same thing happens again! AGGRAVATING!. Call to ROKU support is a dead-end. They want my credit card and $25 or $50 to even talk to me. So I got a ROKU 3 last year - the earphone that disables the sound is nice in the bedroom when my wife wants to sleep and I want to watch opera...but...same thing. (I note here that the connection for the ROKU 3 is ethernet, not wireless, but with either connection the same thing happens.) After a day or two, again the remote is not working with the box. The little light flickers (as usual) but no clicks...and I have to unplug and let the stoopid box reboot. Is this normal? Thanks if anyone gives this any attention. As I see it this is just a crippled system (ROKU 2 and ROKU 3 - don't think I would ever try ROKU 4 or recommend the items to friend, neighbors or family. Poor reviews posted to Amazon (where i got them), and poor reviews on AVS, Tom's, MKVXStream, etc. since I cannot get satisfaction to get the things to work reliably. Again, thanks if anyone has suggestions or solution.
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Re: ROKU 2 and ROKU 3 alwyas needing reboot!

Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:46 pm

First -- you are not calling Roku support ,roku support is free either by or web form ... ct-Support

try this and see if it fixes it for you --- go into settings and turn off menu sounds
ROKU 3 4114AT076252
ROKU 2 LT 16A182002191
ROKU 2 LT #2 16A19K025194
ROKU HD 18D2CP067635
Roku TV 2N002P050587 2WE012050587
Roku Express + YU000X236772
all running wireless on a Technicolor C2000T

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