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Forcing customers to store credit card details

Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:43 am

I recently connected my Roku3 

Foolishly I reset to factory default, it then would not proceed until I made an internet connection, so I connected it to the web.

It then downloaded the latest firmware which launched a wizard that started an ACTIVATION process asking me to enter a code it displayed to the webpage at 

That page accepted my code but did not activate my Roku3

The activation wizard then asked me if I already had an account or whether I wanted to create on now.

I started the account creation procedure, entering email, etc but on the following it wanted my payment details, there was no option to bypass this.

In this world of major companies being hacked I am not prepared to store my PRIVATE financial details on ROKU or any other website.

Can someone tell me how to bypass this

My Roku3 has not been activated and my feeling towards ROKU are starting to get negative.

How can I use this product without being FORCED to enter private and confidential information?

I should point out that this activity is illegal in the EU under data protection and privacy legislation, I believe the FTC has similar rules.
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Re: Forcing customers to store credit card details

Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:51 am

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Re: Forcing customers to store credit card details

Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:56 am

The storing of CC info is NOT illegal at all in the US. Also since Roku is a US based company it is US law that matters the EU has no standing even though Rokus are sold in parts of the EU.

However all you need do is call Roku's customer service and they can, at least they always have in the past, get you setup without any CC info on file.

You can also use a CC to get set up and then, after setup, remove it from your account. Roku says, and some pretty knowledgeable people have verified,  that once the info is removed it is truly stored nowhere. Of course any actual financial dealings with a CC on Roku's site results in a fairly permanent record of at least enough info to both verify the transaction and handle any disputes that might arise. I "think"  Roku is required, by law, to keep payment details for seven years but it might be as long as twelve.
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