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Connection Problems in Crowded Wireless Environment

Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:25 pm

I've been coveting my friends SB for several months and finally took the leap. I am having problems maintaining a good connection.

The first symptom was the inability of the SB to connect with the WEP. I made sure the router [ViewSonic WR100] was set to g+b. I confirmed the WEP. Nothing. I tried it again an hour later and it worked. It lasted long enough to download and install new firmware. But promptly died mid song.

It buffers and plays and buffers and pauses retrying...

I changed my wireless channel to the clearest that my laptop could pick up.

The SB is trying to work in an apartment building in SF, CA--arguably the most wirelessly "wired" city on the planet. My laptop can pick up 11 separate routers from my neighbors. The SB can only see two. I have programmed mine and its WEP into the SB.

Is there anyway to improve the connection outside of running cat5 around my baseboard?
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Thu Jul 05, 2007 7:17 am

Does it improve if you temporarily move your Soundbridge right next to your router? How much do your signal strength and quality/noise figures on the SB change among those two locations?

They also sell add-on/replacement directional antennas for routers that might improve your router signal in the desired direction toward where you want to use your Soundbridge.

Before I switched from WEP to WPA, I seem to remember that, although my laptop could handle up to a 256-bit WEP character string, I had to back down to a shorter character string on the 128-bit WEP setting to get everything to work right (not sure exactly what was happening there, though).

I recently upgraded the firmware on my router to handle the upgraded WPA security. Maybe it might make a difference for you, if ViewSonic has an appropriate upgrade available for you. Otherwise, you might need to get a new router.

Wonder if using MAC address filtering to restrict access to your router to include only your laptop and your Soundbridge might make a difference as well.
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Fri Jul 06, 2007 7:25 am

Changing the channel setting on your router may help in an area with a lot of other traffic. Routers are normally set from the factory at a default channel of 6, try other channels to see if you get an improvement. Reboot your router and SB after each channel change attempt.

I would highly recommend updating your router firmware and using WPA encryption rather than WEP....


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