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M1001 / Firmware / Logitech Media Server

Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:29 am


i have a Problem with my Soundbridge M1001 since it was nessessary to set the Factory Reset.

Years ago I did a Firmware update to version 3.0.52 and it worked since then with all my Logitech Media Servers in different versions.
Since the Factory Reset i have Firmware 3.0.44. I can connect to my LMS but i have no sound at the analog Output.
I can rule out that the Soundbridge is broken because i have Sound on the same analog Output when i try it with Windows Media Player. 
The current Version of my LMS is 7.9.2 - 0023.1559540205.
Maybe anyone has an idea what i can do to continue to use the M1001.


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