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M1000 connects, M1001 doesn't

Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:18 am

I'm trying to migrate my Firefly server from a laptop to a SheevaPlug, with only limited success. The new server works fine with iTunes and the older M1000. The M1001 can only see the older server, but can ping the new one from the telnet console.

A bit about my systems:

Older server (works with iTunes, M1000 and M1001)
Hardware: IBM Thinkpad R51 with external USB drive
Connection: wireless (though it worked fine wired, too)
OS: Ubuntu 9.04 x86
Firefly version: svn-1696

New server (works with iTunes, M1000 but not the M1001)
Hardware: Marvell SheevaPlug with library mounted on external NAS via SMB
Connection: wired
OS: Ubuntu 9.04 ARM5
Firefly version: svn-1696

Connection: wired (M1000 doesn't support WPA)
Static IP: no, DHCP
Software version: 3.0.52 release, blackfin version 3
Can see new server with all others turned off: yes
Can ping new server: yes

Connection: wireless (wired not really an option due to location)
Static IP: yes (DHCP didn't work with the new server either)
Software version: 3.0.52 release, blackfin version 4
Can see new server with all others turned off: no
Can ping new server: yes

Hardware: Linksys WRT-350N with latest firmware
Wireless type: Wireless N with WPA

The only variables I can't easily test are making the M1001 wired (there would be drilling and cable routing - though I might be able to try a temporary move) or making the SheevaPlug wireless (it has no expansion capabilities). I'd really like to get my laptop back from being tied down as a server.

Update: I moved the M1001 temporarily to try a wired connection. Sees the new library just fine. What could my wireless be blocking that the wired passes through?

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Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:10 pm

I'd suggest setting the router for wireless type b/g or b, and not N.

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