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SB M1001 with iTunes 10.5.2 on Macbook

Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:57 pm

I have a Soundbridge M1001 that I am trying to get running with my Mac laptop.

My son used the SB with ITunes on a Windows system (2 years ago).

I have got it installed on my wireless network. It accesses and plays Internet radio just fine.

My SB will not see the Mac iTunes, and the Mac does not see the SB.

I have sharing enabled on the Mac, and I installed the Roku web app which sees the SB just fine.

I don't know where to turn, I would appreciate any hints anyone has.

The wired network connection also doesn't seem to work, but since I have WIFI working, I guess I don't care.

My biggest need is to get the SoundBridge to talk to ITunes.


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