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SB on Wi-Fi stopped seeing my PC on ethernet

Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:07 am


My SB (rev 3.0.51) no longer sees my Windows 7 desktop (Ethernet connected) Media Player library when SB is on Wi-Fi. It sees it only when SB is connected via Ethernet.

At the same time the same SB continues to see my Windows 7 laptop Media Player library in any combination of Wi-Fi/hardwire network connections between the two. I also have an Ethernet connected hard drive server which SB does see OK while on Wi-Fi.

This is a new behavior, it always worked previously on either connection with the exactly same equipment. The only recent change that I can think of as relevant is that I did factory reset the SB. I've been using this equipment for last several years so this is a major bummer of a situation.

Any suggestion where to look for a problem?

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Re: SB on Wi-Fi stopped seeing my PC on ethernet

Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:21 pm

This behaviour (unable to connect over a wireless-wired bridge) occurs on some routers, but assuming the same router is involved in all 3 of your scenarios, that is not the cause here. Try rebooting the router and then all the devices if not already done to get a complete IP address refresh.

Another possibility is that the SB power supply is starting to fail. Although it appears to work with your other libraries, it could be borderline and wi-fi connection failures are one of the first functions to suffer if there is insufficient power getting through. Particularly if it is a Roku original PSU which are prone to failure. Replace that (if it is one of the external PSU models, you don't say which SB model it is), see this thread.
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