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Headers are stripped on play request

Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:05 am


I am currently running into an issue where my headers are being stripped when requesting playback of the video node.  The server requires these headers to be able to playback the content. 

hvideo = CreateObject("roHttpAgent")
hvideoheaders = {
"Device": device.GetDeviceUniqueId(),
"DeviceProf": device.GetModelDisplayName()+"("+device.GetModel()+";"+device.GetVersion()+";Roku;roku)",
"Version": "C4.9.9_S0",
"x-roku-reserved-dev-id": "",

'set videoContent Parameters

videoContent = createObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")
videoContent.url = streamUrl
videoContent.Title =
videoContent.StreamFormat = "hls"
videoContent.SubtitleConfig = subtitle_config
videoContent.HttpSendClientCertificates = true

'Set Video ="musicvideos")
' = 30"state", "stateChanged")"streamInfo", "streamInfoChanged")"streamingSegment", "streamingSegmentChanged") = videoContent = "play"

The only header that comes across is x-roku-reserved-dev-id when using a differnt HTTP Agent. 

If i use the video nodes content metadata for the headers, all the headers are present EXCEPT x-roku-reserved-dev-id which fails the webserver access rules. This is how I have tried to set these:

headers = []
headers.push("Device:" + device.GetDeviceUniqueId())
headers.push("DeviceProf:" + device.GetModelDisplayName()+"("+device.GetModel()+";"+device.GetVersion()+";Roku;roku)")

videoContent.HttpHeaders = headers

I have tried setting just the content nodes without the x-roku-reserved-dev-id and the HTTPAgent with the x-roku-reserved-dev-id however it is the same result... 

Any thoughts? 
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Re: Headers are stripped on play request

Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:45 am

This is a firmware bug in v7.6.  We have fixed it in v7.7 firmware.  You can test with v7.7 firmware using our beta program: ... er2017beta
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Re: Headers are stripped on play request

Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:19 am

Hi Kevin,

I have a similar issue with audio icecast streams where audio stop working after upgrading my roku firmware to v7.6. Would you please take a look at my post and tell me if the issue is reated?

Thank you.

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