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BrightScript DateTime localization

Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:39 am

I'm using BrS localization for the first time on a channel and notice some inconsistencies on how the SDK handles date/time localization.
At we have the following:
Note that day names, month names, separators, and order of fields may vary depending on the current locale.The order of the fields in both short-date formats is changed depending on the current locale:
Canada: YYYY/MM/DD
United States: MM/DD/YY
UK and rest of world: DD/MM/YY

What I found inconsistent is that this only applies for "short-date", when we convert dates for long date formats the SDK uses the (illogic) MDY format used here in USA.
Another thing I don't understand why was not exposed on the API are the methods GetMonthName() and GetDayofWeekName() to get the localized strings.

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