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Tanki Online: The Amazing Tips to Win the Game

Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:04 am

Below are some tips that help you become the best tanker.
The game overviews
This is one of the great online games to play with friends. In the awesome multiplayer tank battle game, you’re required to take control of your battle tank and combat other players in the firefights. It’s possible for you to customize your tank and buy parts – for example, the gull, and the gun turret. Use the cash you earn to buy the parts.
The game has seamless gameplay and beautiful graphics. There are specific amazing detail and realistic sounds in each tank. In the multiplayer mode, a ranking system is available. You can advance through different military ranks. In each rank, you’re allowed to access various parts and weapons.
For the game controls, you move using the arrow keys or WASD. To move turret, use ZX, To make the turret center, use C. If you’re going to fire, use the Spacebar. To suicide, press Delete.
Tips to play Tanki Online

1. Make a careful selection of the battle. Find for the battle with a good battle fund and plenty of time left until the battle’s end. Also, enter the team with the players that are highest ranked. These players have better experience and weapons.
2. By greeting everyone when you enter the battle, you will get to know what language they are using. This will help with your communication. You also can press T to ask them how’s it going in the team chat. Not all, when greeting everyone, you can ask if you can be of any help and tell them about your weapons. You then will be probably suggested about a combination.
3. Change the weapon of your tank quickly and paint and suit the match. The paint should protect against the guns of your rivals.
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4. Communicate with your teammates. By so doing, you can find out who is playing till the next gold box or till the end, and who has the supplies for the battle.
5. Demoralize your rival. This is the part that some of the members of the enemy team will begin living. As it is the game’s essential point, don’t relax but remain in their base. If they spawn again, kill them. Don’t fight for the one that will capture the next flag as it’s a waste of your time and your enemy will have more time to recover.
6. How powerful you’re has to do with how many friends you call to enter the battle. So call your friends who are high-ranked through Facebook, PM, Skype to help you.
7. Try various strategies. Be alert when the rival come nearer, agree on the side and the time to attack, inform about the place the rival is hiding your flag, by using the battle chat.
8. Another tip to master Tanki Online - one of the best online games is purchasing more supplies. If all your efforts seem not sufficient, then enter the garage and purchase some supplies. You and your teammates should agree to go and purchase some supplies, as drugging as a team is more effective.

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