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Looking for proper way to add categories from RowList based on Hero-Grid-Sample

Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:57 pm

First disclaimer, I haven't done actual coding in almost 20 years so the last few months have been a crash course for me. I'm aware there is a lot of OE (operator error) on my part. Also I've been (RTFM) or in this case read the SDK Developer Docs. I'm sure I've missed a lot and Im re-reading them section by section. I've also been searching the forums and I'm stumped. 

I'm working from the Hero-Grid-Sample as my base. I believe I understand how the RowList is populated from the UriHandler which is parsing the XML to fill the RowList.

What I'm attempting to do and I'm not sure of the proper workflow in Brightscript:
Row 1 of the RowList is parsed from the UriHandler and the external XML source, that when Focus is on and selected, it launches the DetailsScreen and allows the user to play the video from the VideoPlayer. 
Row 2 of the RowList is also parsed from the same URIHandler and an different external XML source, same as Row 1 when Focus is on and selected it launches the DetailsScreen.
Row 3, I'd like to fill from a RowList, parsed from an external XML, but each item when Focus is on and selected, I would like to launch a separate SeriesAScreen that I can fill with a gridscreen or multiple RowLists as well. Then each additional item in that row once selected would launch and be directed to SeriesBScreen, SeriesCScreen etc...
Row 4 of the RowList is parsed the same as Rows 1 and 2. 

I've tried creating SeriesAScreen.xml and SeriesAScreen.brs to have a separate screen to be directed to from the HeroScreen.xml and .brs from the RowList. Then creating a RowList2 to populate that for the "Row 3". The RowList2 was not successful or my coding wasn't correct when sideloading the .zip pkg when extracting the XML but I don't believe that is the proper workflow. Also I'm 90% sure I can't create a RowList2 in the same .brs.

I'm trying to figure out for Row 3, can I populate it with a RowList   if  I want to have each item launch a new screen? Then for Row 4 have it populated by the original RowList? I haven't found a reference yet but is it possible to have more than one RowList for one .brs and .xml? From my trial and error I can't or I'm doing it incorrectly. 

Also I haven't found a good reference on how to code Row 3 to have each item in that row, launch a new unique screen for each item. i.e. the 1st item would launch SeriesAScreen the 2nd would launch SeriesBScreen etc. 

I'm not asking to be handed the code on a silver platter. I know there are many talented people who have spent thousands of countless  and thankless hours developing their channels. If anyone could please point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. 

I can post the code from my .brs and .xml files here but wasn't sure if it would be necessary. I create a new version of my working file each time I try a new variation so I can go back to the last good version. Again thank you for your time and reading this, or any advice and suggestions. 

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