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Rooibos unit testing framework updated to work without eval

Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:20 am

For those of you interested, I've updated rooibos unit testing framework to work without using eval.

It's currently in beta on this branch:

Rooibos unit testing framework is based on mocha and allows easy test creation with annotations. Some features:

  • Well documented
  • Hours of training videos
  • Written and maintained by an experienced TDD developer, who knows what coal-face devs need from a professional unit test framework
  • Easy to integrate
  • Compatible with legacy unit testing framework
  • Simple, annotation-based, syntax for writing tests
  • No need for special file names, or method names
  • Common TDD methods such as Setup/TearDown/BeforeEach/AfterEach
  • Organize tests by suites, groups and cases
  • Readable test output
  • Easily control test execution
  • Simple assert syntax
  • Node specific assertions
  • Parameterized testing
  • Mocks and stubs
  • Execute tests on scenegraph nodes
  • Incorporate your own util methods
  • Hook into your global setup mechanisms
  • Only show output for failed tests
  • Easily integrate into any CI system
If you need assistance, ping me on the official roku slack channel  (username georgejecook) :

Example of video guides:
API docs:
George Cook
Roku developers slack group ( : georgejecook

Contact me on roku developer slack group, or via pm to discuss consultancy/work opportunities/rooibos unit testing framework

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