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Verimatrix drm

Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:59 am

[size=100]Hello All,[/size]
We are deploying an OTT services with Verimatrix client
We have streams packaged in HLS and secured using Internet TV (ViewRightWeb DRM from Verimatrix).
Those streams can be played on Android and iOS.
Now, we are building a Roku app.
As per Roku developer documentation Verimatrix DRM is supported:
The drm parameters required are:
drmParams = createObject("roAssociativeArray") = "Verimatrix"
drmParams.authDomain = "auth-value-from-streaming-provider"
drmParams.serializationUrl = "hostname-url-from-streaming-provider"
There is no further documentation and those parameters' names don't match what we are used to with Verimatrix.
We tried using the Company-name as authDomain and the license server as serializationUrl.
We have tried with a verimatrix reference stream
Stream: ... nodrm.m3u8
Type: Verimatrix
Format: HLS
Auth Domain: Verimatrix
But we have a "Protected Content License error".
What values should be used for those parameters?

I also tried with your remote tool : ... index.html
Same error ..
Really thanks for your Help


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