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Roku developers slack group

Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:17 am

Come join our constantly growing group of passionate Roku channel developers at :

The purpose of our slack group is to:
  • Help new Roku developers with programming problems
  • Share patterns, information, ideas and advice
  • Help debug each other's code
  • Talk about open source projects that we are involved in
  • Find resources to work with
  • Be an extra pair of eyes when everything is going wrong

However, we must stress:
  • Never discuss anything from Roku's beta programs — Including new features, bugs your experiencing, or the release cadence. Members of the beta programs have signed NDAs prohibiting them from discussing the program outside the designated forum
  • The group is not officially supported or endorsed by Roku.
  • The group is not a replacement for the forums at :
  • While the group does have some roku staff members who graciously take some of their time to answer questions. They are not acting in any official capacity, and we ask that group member's respect their time.

We ask that all members adhere to the following:
George Cook
Roku developers slack group ( : georgejecook

Contact me on roku developer slack group, or via pm to discuss consultancy/work opportunities/rooibos unit testing framework

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