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New site for developer documentation

Thu May 09, 2019 12:30 pm

Today, Roku introduces a new destination for developer documentation:

This new site embeds our technical documentation in our core Roku Developers website, which makes it easier for developers to access, navigate, and search content.

The new site separates documentation into five distinct categories:
  • Features — Includes high-level platform feature overviews, bridging the gap between business and technical documentation. If traditional SDK documentation answers the “how,” the documentation in the Features section will answer the “what and why.”
  • Specifications — Hardware specs, supported streaming protocols, feed schemas, etc.
  • Direct Publisher — Documentation on how to build and deploy a channel using Direct Publisher
  • Developer — Longtime Roku developers can think of this as synonymous with our old “SDK Docs.” This section includes getting started materials, technical implementation guides, troubleshooting tutorials, etc.
  • Reference — This section houses our API Index. We’ve standardized the formatting for all our API documentation, making it easier to parse the content.
Redirects have been set in place from the legacy SDK Docs pages to their new destinations.

Developers who would like to access the archived version of the SDK Docs can view it as unstyled HTML here:

Roku will slowly sunset the documentation pages that previously lived on and /develop over the coming weeks. All content from these pages has been migrated to the new site.

Once this transition is complete, we will announce the migration to the new site more broadly through our standard communication channels.

We are thrilled to bring you this new documentation portal, and we look forward to continuously improving the developer ecosystem!

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