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Problem trying display labels

Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:34 pm

I need to display a list of value attributes on the screen
the problem is that you would need the names of the attributes to be in BOLD and the value in regular
the idea is that they look like this

Tipo: Programa Temporada: 1 Localidad: Arge Localización:Teatro Coliseo Género: Show Subgénero: Unipersonal Estilo musical: Varios Artistas: J Balvin- José Álvaro Osorio Balvin. Katy Perry- Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Maluma - Luis Londoño Arias. Thalía - Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda.Pablo Montero - Oscar Daniel Hernández Rodríguez.Miley Cyrus - Destiny Hope Cyrus Año producción: 2018 Idioma: Español Clasificación edades: A 

- using a single label the problem is the different text styles
- dynamically creating labels the problem is the location, I would need it to be side by side with wrap = true
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Re: Problem trying display labels

Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:57 pm

yeah, this is not an easy issue to solve, very tedious and there are bugs (eg if you use FHD resolutions instead of HD).  But the solution is to place every block of text and measure placement for the next using boundingRect()
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Re: Problem trying display labels

Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:29 pm

I'd say to just use a single label for each item.  That way you can set the font and specifications and placement individually.  But that is a lot of labels to deal with.  If it is static information then you might consider making a jpg or png, and using a poster to display it.

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