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Roku simultaneous key button press

Tue Mar 18, 2014 2:56 pm

I am just a beginner in software development, and will probably not attempt to get access to the NDK, but I have a roku 3 and have been playing around with roScreen and remote button presses. Now the roku 3 remote is a nice piece of equipment, and it seems like because it has a dpad and an a and b button that one could make a game or something in the style of a nintendo game, where you would be pressing the dpad and the a or b buttons at the same time. This would also make sense with the way the roUniversalControlEvent reports button presses with a button down result and a separate button up result. However, when one button is pressed on the remote, it seems no other button can be pressed. Is this right? I even tried holding down a direction on the dpad and then pressing the home button, and that doesn't work. That makes me think that the remote is incapable of detecting multiple key presses, maybe even with the NDK. Is this so? That would be unfortunate. Hopefully I'm just missing something, is there any way to do this with the sdk?
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Re: Roku simultaneous key button press

Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:34 pm

The remotes don't currently support simultaneous button presses. See the end of this thread.

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Re: Roku simultaneous key button press

Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:43 pm

Regarding NDK, from what i have heard you won't get it unless you have venture capital sitting on your board of directors :?

I did quick experiment and I am ready to make a SWAG statement that, no - Roku as platform is unable to handle simultaneous remote key-presses. I did the experiment only with BT and IR remotes though, you may want to try it too: get small piece of code to loop and print the roUniversalControlEvent codes. Press&hold one of the buttons and start pounding other buttons, observe results. In my try with BT remote, after initial key-down event for the "stuck" key, there is no reaction to any other button until the 1st one gets unstuck. The IR remote behavior is slightly different: each new button generates "up" followed by immediate "down" for the stuck key.

Now why do i jump to hasty conclusion: even if you hit Back or Home, nothing happens - which (almost certainly) means that does not make it to the player, otherwise Home would be exiting the channel. Do let me know how WiFi remote behaves, i can't find mine right now.

Most likely this is limitation of the remote hardware design, kind of how keyboards have limit to how many simultaneous key downs they can recognize. If it weren't, that may theoretically be fixable in future update to BT and WF remote firmwares. And maybe s/o Roku* will throw light on this

ps. for grins&giggles, i just tried my iPhone remote app at that and even its touch screen does not play nice: <<_down, >>_down, <<_up, >>_up leads to 8, 9, 109 - instead of expected 8, 9, 108, 109 - with 108 getting lost altogether. I can probably figure out what iOS is doing here re touches but what's the point, since there is no physical remote that can do this.
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Re: Roku simultaneous key button press

Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:22 pm

Thanks RokuMarkn for your response. I did try to search for a related thread, don't know why I didn't find it!

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