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Does re-submitting reset position in review queue?

Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:20 pm

I saw people complaining how long wait times for review of public channel candidates nowadays are - many weeks (8?), months even (what's the official word, avg. wait time this quarter?).

So this seems kind of important - and i am making some assumptions here, like that channels would be generally reviewed in order of submissions (baring urgent patches and so on). That's what i assume, that there is a "queue" - a FIFO variety - where submissions go to wait and be called to a "hearing" by their ordinal number. (Let me know if imagine it way wrong!)

My question is, if while channel waiting for its turn to be reviewed - a new version is ready, or significant bug was found - will submitting new binary send the applicant to the end of the queue for another eight weeks - or can patch-work be done before real review has started w/o losing its "priority date"* ?

(*) priority date term brought to you by the good people of USCIS - a place where issuing replacement of a lost ID card in 6 months is considered timely and reasonable turnaround; and who likely frown at DMV's hastiness in handling licenses/registrations.
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Re: Does re-submitting reset position in review queue?

Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:50 am

In my experience, no.

Though once you are notified that testing has started, you'd almost certainly want to hold off on updates or at least document well what changes were made so you don't make QAs job more difficult.

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