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Roku IRC Channel

Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:44 pm

I figured since stackoverflow requires your to have 20 rep points in order to use there chat feature I'd create a IRC channel for users to use which I made a rule to were you need a account on here in order to use it. Now to use this channel you need a IRC app I like using Colloquy now when you open your preferred IRC app the server is port 6667 the channel is Roku. Now I will make the people who are admins and mods on here operators in the channel just let me know that you are and I will verify it buy coming on here to see. Creating this IRC channel for you to use will make it easier for you to receive help. Instead of having convo here in a topic it will be easier for you to get a quicker response. Now any rule that this forum has applies to the IRC channel no I can not change that because that's up to Roku if they want rules added or removed sorry.
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Re: Roku IRC Channel

Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:34 pm

My apologies but i will not be joining for IRC chat. My view is
EnTerr wrote:
Oh, "get with the program", will ya? :mrgreen:
It's actually easy to get 20pts, given that a voted-up answer gives you +5 and voted-up question is +10. See the "rules" here and pro tips there. Gamification...

More seriously, i considered other options too, incl. slack and gitter - but SO chat wins hands down for developer Q&A chat.

IRC lacks for our purposes. First, it has no "memory" - whatever was said in chat was lost if you were not joined to the channel at that moment - and many people would be coming and going. Yes, i know some IRC networks have bots you can ask to keep subscribe and keep log for you - but that's a patchwork. And it also requires knowledge of IRC - which leads to my second issue with IRC - it puts high "barrier of entry": you need a separate client and an account just for the sake of IRC, learn about kick/kill/ban-kinds, channel owner v. channel operator, not to be mistaken with IRC operator galore, netsplits... gack! 

I have used IRC extensively back in the days (15-20 years ago?), so it's not foreign to me. S.O. chat on the other hand was completely new to me but when i looked at it, it is a shoo-in for the purpose. Yes, one needs account for one of the StackExchange sites and most every developer already does, be it for reasons of StackOverflow, SuperUser, Server Fault, Ask Different or Ask Ubuntu
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Re: Roku IRC Channel

Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:47 pm

Hello All - I do realize this thread is ancient but thought I would resurrect it as I am looking for a place to communicate more synchronously with other developers.

I went to the stackoverflow channel mentioned in this thread and apparently it died 2 years ago due to lack of activity.
I found a persistent #roku irc channel on freenode, but I am the only one in it!  Not even sure it is for developers.

Anyway my question is - where do roku developers communicate outside of these forums - or are these forums the best way to communicate with other developers?

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Re: Roku IRC Channel

Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:32 pm

Did you see this?

I know nothing about it, but I believe it's active.


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