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Re: Unique Channel Store Name

Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:11 pm

One can only change the public facing name - via the various localized name fields, use English for English speaking localization. The name you created the channel under will still be there. The only way as I understand it to change the name on all sides (both what the public sees and what you see) is to delete the channel and recreate it. The name you create it with is a unique field in our database.

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Re: Unique Channel Store Name

Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:28 pm

Thanks to someone from Roku finally replying. I had to inform test users, then delete the private channel, then the name became available as you explained. Notes:

1. It should never take this long to get an answer to a non-complicated question.
2. The channel name should not be used as a unique name on Roku's side. Any combination of the entered name + hash of the user account info (email, username, etc) should be used instead. As it is now, anyone could squat on any unused name by making a private channel.
3. I would hazard a guess that many first time users would name their private channel the name they intend to use for the public channel - a big warning on the creation screen might be in order. And probably a more precise message on the public creation screen, ie: "Your public channel name is already in use by your private channel - delete the private channel to continue."

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