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Won't Play AAC Music From iTunes

Tue Jul 05, 2005 8:51 am

I can browse through and see my folders of my music within itunes but no songs appear. I thought the version I am using 2.0.28 was compatible with AAC. I did copy a MP3 file to the root of my HD and it can see that and play it fine, but it can seem to play anything I have in itunes. Any suggestions.
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AAC support

Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:27 pm

Version 2.017 added an AAC codec.
You might want to search the Beta 2 forum for AAC. It gives a number of suggestions for issues people have had with various systems. Use caps in your search criteria of AAC. In lowercase I found very few hits but with caps
it gave quite a few.
Hope this helps.

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